• Description

This Crystal Healing transforms all kind of negativity in you and your environment to more helping energies. As a result you and the others are able to contribute in a better way to the world. This healing is held at:

Thursday, Janyary 18, 2018, 10:00 CET

Did you know that the kind of set up of this healing and it's intention this healing effects tremendous amount of people, places and animals? In August 2017 this kind of healing had a reach of more than 954,684,321 people, 76,543,610 places on this Earth and 68,504,321 pets! And it took the Crystal Healing circle only 25 hours of work in order to do so!

Free registration 

You can subscribe for the Crystal Healing - Let go of all negativity for free by using this registration link. You are allowed to co-subscribe as many other people as you would like. So who else do you know who also deserves to undergo less negativity in live and who can, just like you, use some help in transforming:

  • negativity;
  • negative thoughts or thoughts in which you tear down yourself or others;
  • negative, intense or even traumatic experiences;
  • de value you attribute yourself and your live;
  • of taking not enough space in order to be able to be yourself;


Fixed group intention

In this healing we work with a fixed intention for the whole group. By combining the energies and the focus of each participant we create a huge catalyst on that intention by which it will gain even more momentum and power.

The fixed intention and help request is:

"Help all the people who got out of balance by the negativity of the people that surrounds them.

Make sure the energetic bonds are broken off, clear their auras and chakras with the vacuum cleaner of Archangel Michaël, heal the wounds on both sides and fill up the cleared areas with unconditional love.

Don't just work on negative people I know personally and the ones I have to deal with on a daily bases. Also work on the people I have heard about which stories created in me a negative reaction or feeling. Think for instance of news or conversations about people being very ill or those that died suddenly. But also messages in the news about assaults, shootings, disaster or serious accidents that causes in me reaction that put me in that instant out of my balance with my True Self"


Please share and thereby help yourself

The more people participate, the even more powerful this Crystal Healing will be. We therefore ask you to help share this event in order to inform and excite as many people as we possible can. Your input will be rewarded with an even more powerful healing. Just by sharing this event, you will show the Universe that you find this healing important and you show your willingness to let yourself be helped by the Universe and the transforming power of my crystal healings. And if there is one thing the Universe adores, it's people who go all the way and that's always rewarded. So please subscribe yourself for this event by clicking on the button and start sharing this event!