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How wonderful. You have found your way to Walking my Revolution. A place where you’ll find all you need to help you grow.

We from Walking my Revolution support Marleen te Vaanholt in her mission to enable chances and opportunities to those people who

would love to get more out of live,

get stuck or hit blocks or patterns in their life which they would like to get rid,

feel overwhelmed and powerless by what life throw at them

that feel that they can contribute to a different and better world, yet who are at a loss of how to do so.

Have the feeling their supposed to do more and be more but are unable to get clear answers to the what or how to start getting more out themselves.


Through her own life experiences Marleen te Vaanholt has come across ways, methods and information that will be very helpful for you in that kind of processes. And most importantly they are all very simple and extremely effective. Due to her skills to bring back information to its core you won’t be needing much time and effort to integrate her teachings.

And if that’s not enough Marleen offers you all kinds of services based on her extraordinary gifts and expertise as an Inter-Viewer, trance medium and crystal healer. As a result, she guides you effortlessly, quickly and effectively through your blocks and blind spot even those you weren’t even aware of yet but which are the biggest obstacles in achieving your goals and star living a more fulfilled live.

Ever since her initiation in August 2015 several services found their way to world. For instance, since October 2015 she been holding Crystal Healings which have changed the lives of hundreds of people. Meanwhile many other products and services have been launched and started to inspire, and assist people in their personal growth and help them to start turning their lives around


If you’re not yet familiar with the work of Marleen te Vaanholt and her company Walking my revolution then please take your time and look around in the shop or if you’re an entrepreneur in the business section. You could also start following her on her official Facebook page. She posts there daily inspirational messages like her free day, week and month readings. Or simply subscribe to one or more of the newsletters and make your choice on what you would like to stay informed about.



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