Thanks to these services, you transform your life with ease!

✔ Would you like to make your part of the transformation and growth work more predictable, lighter, easier and more efficient?

✔ Do you want to learn to apply the universal laws effectively without having to learn too much for it?

✔ Do you want to live more in line with your True, Authentic Self and do you want to live (even) more from the heart and resignation?

✔ Are you ready for the next step, but don’t you know how?

✔ Do you feel at the end of all your strengths and would you like to experience more strength, confidence and resilience again?

✔ Do you hope it should be easier and more effective to break your emotional blockages and create the growth needed to improve yourself and your life?

✔ Can your life be of much more value?

✔ Do you want to go for a life with healthier relationships, more prosperity and more depth in feelings like love, peace, happiness, faith, self-confidence, passion and vitality?

✔ Would you like to get more out of your job and your life with more ease?

✔ Would you like to grow even if you don’t know what’s going on or what your blockages really are?

✔ Are you willing to look at yourself honestly and openly?

✔ Are you open for effective support?

Then Walking my Revolution has those services for you that help you make that possible. Thanks to Marleen te Vaanholt’s work, you can do this in a way that you often delegate more than 80% of your transformation work to her. In addition, we offer you several services that lead you through the processes unnoticed and with little difficulty that help you create that transformation that you need now.

All services in one glance


Allow yourself te be aided through (free) daily inspiration to apply the universal laws unnoticed. Let yourself be motivated so you find the power and insights to keep going even when things are difficult.

Training Courses

Utilise the convenience of online training courses or annual programs to transform your story and your life at your pace. Thanks to powerful and effective tools, you always have those resources at hand you need today.


Does your sitiation deserve the power of customization? Then choose for coaching, mentoring or individual guidance.


Delegeate much of your transformation work to Marleen te Vaanholt’s powerful long distance healings. This allows you to break through your obstructing patterns with more ease and address your incorrect perceptions while, for example, working, shopping or resting.

Sound Healing and Meditations

Marleen te Vaanholt’s Meditations and sound healings are powerful tools that give you the space to work on your growth at those times you need.

Readingen & Consultations

Let yourself be helped through (free) inspiration to apply the universal laws unnoticed. Let yourself be motivated so you find the power and insights to keep going even when things are difficult.


For in between on the couch, during the break or on the train we also have inspiring and motivational books for you.

Webinars, summits and videos

If you would like to delve into certain topics, you can choose to participate in free webinars, online summits or watch videos which help broaden your view of yourself, your possibilities and your life.


In 2020 there will be several live events that you can participate in to inform, inspire or help transform you.