English | Ebook, also available as paperback | Author: Marieke Bertens | ISBN 9789492632296 | EPUB

Mirrors explains in understandable language how you can take control of your reality and learn to manifest from Love for yourself. This book takes you on an Inner Journey through your unconscious thinking, so you can understand why your life is what it is. Because you’ve manifested everything you have today and everything you don’t have today.

Mirrors is practical, deep, and easy to read, and gives you one insight after another about your life. Wherever you are on your journey of consciousness, this book helps you find the pieces of your puzzle of life.

For novice adventurers, Mirrors explains in understandable language the principle of Life. It contains many examples to apply all the theory in practice. For the already more conscious reader, this book will help to connect loose ends with each other, and to further deepen the knowledge you already have. It helps to gain even deeper insight, and to see common things from a different light.

Marieke Bertens taught herself to heal in all kinds of areas by applying the principle of Mirrors in reality. What if what we see with our eyes isn’t real? What if it’s just a mirror?

And if it’s a mirror, then how can you break that illusion? How can you choose to create a different reality? When do you have that choice? All this is clearly explained to you with the help of many examples in six major areas of your life.

This book Mirrors makes taking a deep dive into your thinking far easier, and explains to you how you can use your mirrors to manifest the live you truly desire.


Ebook |  Paperback

A practical guide about the mirrors in your life and how to use them to quickly change your reality



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