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Order now Marleen te Vaanholt‘s first bestseller Walking my Revolution: a womans story on the road of change, personal growth and self-healing as paperback

What is the book Walking my Revolution about?

In Walking my Revolution Marleen te Vaanholt tells how she started walking her revolution, her road of incredible changes. On this road Marleen found several companions or key figures who each made a difference in several parts of her road. And when Marleen already thought she had come a long way, she all the sudden found unexpected help in the singer and entertainer Robbie Williams. With the help of Robert’s songs, shows, jokes and some facts of his life, Marleen found both physical and mental healing.

You want to know how? Then start reading this touching, incredible honest, humorous and compelling autobiographic story

Read how Marleen te Vaanholt got to the point of a severe burnout combined with a walking disorder that came and went as it pleased. Get impressed of how she finally came to understand that she had to leave, that she had to get out of the abusive relationship she was in. Learn of the events that turned upside down her world and how she managed to cut some difficult strings. Notice how she tried to build up a new life, a new home. Judge together her major decisions and find with her the rewards for decisions rightly made. Discover with her the understandings of why she had been abused, why she let it go on for so long and why she came down with the burnout when she did. Feel how she discards step by step the several shames she felt. Recognise with her how being HIV positive had influenced and continuous to influence her life. Acknowledge the place Robert takes up in Marleen’s life.

See how step after step a stronger or confident woman arises. A woman who is also more at ease with herself, both socially, physically and sexually.

And while walking with her, get filled with the same awe as Marleen feels for the last part Robert had to play in her life and for him being meant to play that part. And last but not least, share the wonder of how god prepared already years in advance the help Marleen needed, just when she was ready for it. I’m sure you can’t blame Marleen for feeling tremendously grateful towards the two new men in her life.

Order it now

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium, then you can order a signed copy of Walking my Revolution: a womans story on the road of change, personal growth and self-healing as paperback here.


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