English | Ebook, also available as paperback | Author: Gerda Hartkamp | ISBN 9789492632395 | EPUB

The Frisian Anne is nineteen when he signs up as a soldier in the Royal Netherlands-Indies Army (KNIL). Once there he meets Charlotte, the love of his life. They lead a pleasant live until the Japanese invade the Dutch East Indies.

The Japanese superiority strikes down the Dutch army and all soldiers are transported to a concentration camp. For Anne this is the beginning of a horrifying period.

Charlotte is just twenty-eight and pregnant as she and their four young children have to survive under harsh conditions as outside campers. In Bandung she lives in the constant threat of being detained in the woman’s camp because of her half breed children.

While Anne fights for his live in a POW camp, Charlotte tries to keep herself and the children alive under the Japanese regime. When Anne is transferred for the third time, the question arises whether he will survive.

What readers say about From Frisian clay to tropical Uniform

From Frisian clay to tropical Uniform

Ebook | paperback

True story about the Frisian Anne, his wife Charlotte, and their children and their lives in Dutch-Indies and their lives in a POW camp or as outside campers. Will the ever see each other again?



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