Joseph tells


Conversations with Joseph about dying, the path of the soul, live on Earth, and the Afterlife


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English | Paperback | Auteur: José den Ronde – van Dun | ISBN 9789492632531 | 184 pages

Dying is something quite ordinary. It’s not something to fear, but rather something to look forward to. That’s one of the many messages that Joseph, the departed childhood friend of José, shares with us in the conversations they have about death, the Afterlife, the soul’s journey, and living a more fulfilling and meaningful life on Earth.

Joseph talks about what happens to you when you pass away, what you experience, and how things unfold in the Afterlife. You’ll learn about the tasks you can undertake there and how to maintain contact with your departed loved ones.

In a concise and powerful manner, Joseph provides an enlightening glimpse into the path and development of the soul, addressing many questions you may have about this entire process. Additionally, Joseph imparts profound wisdom about earthly existence. You’ll discover how to enjoy life more and how to interact better with other people, animals, and the Earth.

Therefore, you don’t read this book, ‘Joseph tells’ only to find more acceptance for your own passing and that of your loved ones, but also as a source for a happier and more meaningful life as part of your soul’s journey.

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